Gartentor VERO 60

Die von uns angebotenen Flügeltore und Gartentore sind in mehreren Varianten erhältlich, die sich nicht nur durch ästhetische Werte, sondern auch durch ihre Funktionalität unterscheiden.

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VERO single gate consists of a wing filled with VERO blind made of 80×20 mm steel sections, connecting a frame made of 60×60 mm steel sections. Horizontal palisade installed at an appropriate angle lets you create a fence system with optimal scale of privacy, depending on occupants’ needs and expectations.

Choosing VERO fence, you can use different RAL colour compositions, which let you give your fence a personal touch, as well as to keep the consistency with other objects around.

VERO single gate is installed on two hinges containing metal and PVC pads which ensure smooth movement of the wing.

The gate is placed by two posts in standard size of 80×80 mm which provide appropriate stability and strength of the whole construction.


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